Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What I'm learning...

For guidance and comfort, I'm reading the Bible and some literature on the nature of God. In my readings, I came across something very interesting, that I thought was worth sharing. It especially made me think, even in my current situation.

"20 Reasons Why God Allows Suffering in the World:

1. Suffering uncovers what is really inside of our hearts.
2. Suffering
breaks us of our pride.
3. Suffering can deepen our desire for God.
Suffering can mature us.
5. Suffering can breed humility.
Suffering may be a warning of something potentially worse.
7. Suffering can jump-start our prayer life.
8. Suffering may prompt a lost person to receive Christ.
9. Suffering may lead a Christian to confess sin.
Suffering helps us deepen our trust in God.
11. Suffering can deepen our appreciation for Scripture.
12. Suffering helps us appreciate other Christians who were victorious.
13. Suffering can take our eyes off this world and ourselves.
14. Suffering can teach us first hand that God truly is sufficient.
15. Suffering can connect us with other people.
16. Suffering can create an opportunity for witness.
17. Suffering can lead a person into Christian ministry.
18. Suffering can make us grateful for what we had or still have.
19. Suffering can position our lives to bring more glory to God.
20. Suffering, properly handled, will result in rewards in Heaven. "

While I think they're all great, some of me have a more special meaning. Because of what's going on in my life right now, the last one really sticks out at me. You know how when you're hearing a sermon, and you feel like the pastor saw some videotape of you doing something wrong, and he's preaching to just you??? Well I get that same feeling when I read #20. I have to admit, that lately, I don't know that I've been handling my suffering well. Which could be understandable (to humans) due to the circumstances, but still wrong in God's eyes-and that's what really matters.  I really hope that I can do better with this. I know this thing just came up, and its still new and fresh in my mind, but I still would like to think I could've handled it better than I have. I've always been so forgiving. So I hope I can still be after this. And trusting. Sadly, I think that has been greatly damaged. 

As always, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. 

For those of you that know my situation, thank you for being there for me. Thank you for listening to me cry, scream, recount the situation over and over, complain, whine, bargain, and put up with me emailing song lyrics all day. From the bottom of my stomped on heart, you mean the world to me.  xo

Life is still good. One day at a time...

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