Friday, January 28, 2011

2010 Year In Review


MLK weekend in Charlotte!

Girls nights 

Spent a lot of time here...


My fabulous friend Hollie Dyson took great pics of Miss Coco

AWESOME girls night with Ash

Coco's 2nd Birthday party


I'm just gonna go ahead and say it...this month was horrible. Moving on! 

April's about to get crazy here

March of Dimes bake sale-and walk shortly after
Look its Joni on the right :) <3 Miss her.

Lots of baking...thanks for the help E! 

Coco's first "beach" experience-George Washington's birthplace

Easter Sunday with the fam <3

Kaden is ONE!

Samantha is 13!!! Awesome birthday at Great Wolf Lodge

This was just too adorable not to share-Sam and Coco opening Sams bday gifts from me

(and you thought April was crazy...)

Mom's bridal shower

Mom got married
And my family grew considerably <3

Quick KD trip with Samantha <3

I was baptized!
We all went to dinner after and met this sweet guy with a mullet lol

And Confirmation Day!
I honestly had to put this pic up of us bc our shoes are hot. Like us. lol

(did anyone else realize how insane my May was???)
Spent a week in Charlotte with Mel <3

Awesome girls night with friends from church


I am another year older-had an apartment full of friends <3
Love the look on my dads face lol

Putt Putt FHE 

Girls day at the beach <3


Hollies baby shower

AWESOME visit from Mel and Julie
Notice it is August and I wore jeans out....almost died of heat exhaustion, consumed 
80 gallons of H20 that night

Beach trip with Mom and Mikes family!
Where I did absolutely nothing all day but this
and somehow managed to land this guy <3

Labor day Charlotte visit! Party boat!
Fun night out in Charlotte

end of September-left Union after 8 years, started a new job

Fun night out with Brooke, Scott, Mel, and Darren


State Fair and Jake Owen concert with 
Darren, Mom, Mike, Lil David, and Sam

Annnnnd no other Oct pics because I was working like a dog at my new job....


I threw a fabulous baby shower for E :)
see, I'm just that fab

and met my future brother in law, Justin Bieber
Well-went to his concert anyway with Sam
Let me tell all you haters out there...this kid is pretty darn amazing
I don't know anyone else his age that can sing, dance like Usher, play guitar, keyboard, drums, and manage billions of SCREAMING girls like he can. 
I had no idea how much of a JB fan I was till this concert!


Elisabeth had a BABY! Bailey Ann
Can you guess who got her that fab headband?

And Justin Bieber couldnt get enough of Me and Sam...(figures)
So he decided to move in with us!

Spent the last night of 2010 with family, my best friend, and Darren dancing the night away with Michael Jackson, eating a fabulous dinner, and playing all kinds of fun games :)

It couldn't have ended any better than this :) <3

Oh and PS...March wasn't ALL that bad...
I went to Charlotte to celebrate my BFF's 25th!

Here's to an awesome fabulous, way better 
than last year....2011!!!!!

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