Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm a lucky girl...

Yup, I said it, I am a lucky girl :) Lucky to have such an awesome guy that gives the best, most personal gifts ever!!! I showed up at his house on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts, and I come to find this! Fabulous!

When we first started hanging out at the beach, I was reading this series. The final one came out in Dec, and he was sweet enough to get it for me :)

Every time he calls I say guess what I'm doing? "taking a bubble bath" Yup...thats all I do.

next question, "what did you eat for dinner?"


and my favorite...
its actually two necklaces in one. My new lil bro got me the back charm that reads "Life is what you make it", and Darren got me the heart, key, and ruby (our birthstone)

I wear it everyday. And I LOVE it.

Her Majesty modeling her new Christmas gift
She just woke up from her millionth nap from the day.

And my big gift from Mom and Mike...
SO excited about this! Can't wait till its nice out on the weekends so I can take lots of pics. For now the camera has about a zillion Coco pics. Surprise?

More Christmas photos (of actual loved ones) to come. Just wanted to share how fabulous Darren is-he did such an awesome job, totally blew me out of the water. <3

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Elisabeth A. said...

Darren totally trumped my gift... Humpf. Haha- he did great!!!


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