The Prince

The Prince gets his happy ending...

Our family has grown by 11 pounds-meet Prince-or his formal name (since we all know how ridiculous I am)

                                           Prince Sebastian Fluffybottom Daniels

Prince when we first met at the pound

You can read more about how Prince came into our lives HERE

Prince is our new rescue pet. He is 4 1/2 years old, a Pomeranian. We rescued him from a "breeder" that kept letting him out, and he kept ending up in the middle of large, busy road. He was the stud for their "breeding business." When his rescuers found him, he was dirty, covered in fleas, and almost all of his back fur was matted. Darren and I decided that he needed a good home where he would be safe, loved, and spoiled, so we adopted him. 

We got him on a Friday night, and since the vet wasn't open until Monday, we did our best to take care of what we could over the weekend. After several flea baths and a grooming appointment, Prince was flea free and was shaved down to get rid of the matting and make sure the fleas were gone. He was already starting to feel so much better!

Fresh and clean!

We took him to his first vet visit-we were nervous. We knew this dog hadn't been immunized since his first year, and had never been on flea and tick and heart-worm preventative. We braced ourselves by guessing that he likely had heart-worms or lyme disease from being outside most of his life. We knew he needed to be neutered ASAP. We recieved some not so great news at our visit. Prince is heart-worm positive, Lyme disease positive, and in the future will need surgery on his back left knee, and have his back dew claws removed. He'd also been attacked by the large dog that his previous owner had, so he has many teeth marks, especially along his neck. His furry ungroomed body probably saved his life. The vet put him on a treatment plan for the heart-worms, and gave us medication for the Lyme Disease. A couple of days later he was neutered, and he has been recovering nicely. He is not a fan of his cone though. Coco has been a great nurse to her little brother, she loves him so much! 

Nurse Coco at your service
We are so thankful to have Prince in our lives. Everyone is in love with him, and Darren has deemed him "his dog." We'll see about that! ;) Prince is enjoying his new clean, warm home, his full food and water bowls, and his many blankets. He's not too sure about his toys yet. He's never had a toy before so he mostly lets Coco play with them. In time he'll learn. 

I'm so glad we chose a rescue dog for our second pet. We will do everything we can to make him 100% well. We vow to make his life the best life he can possibly have, just like Coco. We may not be able to save all the neglected dogs, but we can at least save one for now. 

It Matters To Me

Author Unknown

As I walked along the seashore
This young boy greeted me.
He was tossing stranded starfish
Back to the deep blue sea.
I said "Tell me why you bother,
Why you waste your time this way.
There's a million stranded starfish
Does it matter, anyway?"
And he said, "It matters to this one.
It deserves a chance to grow.
It matters to this one.
I can't save them all I know.
But it matters to this one,
I'll return it to the sea.
It matters to this one,
And it matters to me."

I walked into the shelter,
The owner greeted me.
She was helping Misty learn to trust.
She was struggling I could see.
I said, "Tell me why you bother,
Why you waste your time this way.
Misty's only one of thousands,
Does it matter anyway?"
And she said, 
"It matters to this one.
She deserves a chance to grow.
It matters to this one.
I can't save them all I know.
But it matters to this one,
I'll help her be what she can be.
It matters to this one,
And it matters to me.

Sleepy Prince getting spoiled rotten-
As he should be!

Kissing his big sister

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