Hi. I'm Jen!

 I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes, event planning, my handsome husband Darren, and my dogs Coco and Prince.  I love spending time with Darren, my awesome girlfriends, family, reading, taking ridiculously long bubble baths, strolling around dog friendly malls, church, and snuggling with Coco and Prince while enjoying Style Network and trash TV, and volunteering at the local pound.  You'll find if you read this blog at any length that I enjoy using the words fabulous and awesome. I'd like to think that's because I'm fabulously awesome like that. 

 I am a very passionate person (passionate is possibly a nice person word for crazy and uber-determined...whatev...).   I try to harness the "passionate Jen" and use it for good instead of evil purposes, most of the time.  I have the coolest family ever and some seriously solid friends that are hands down the best. ever. Ever. EVER.


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