Tuesday, December 14, 2010

baby shower for Bailey Ann-getting the nest ready...

THE BABY SHOWER! Oh my goodness, how long have I been looking forward to this day? How many times had Elisabeth and I talked and planned (or, prannnned) for hours about this? How many times did I burn my fingers making fabric rosettes because of my crafting disability? lol How exciting is it that it finally happened?? So great!

I was so thankful and happy to get to plan a shower in honor of one of my best friends in the world, Elisabeth, and her new addition, Miss Bailey Ann. Elisabeth and I had literally been talking about this for months, pretty much from the moment I heard she was pregnant, I could already see the pink everywhere! We were 99.99999% sure it would be a girl anyway-um I mean, hello, how could she not be?!?!? and we were right! So we got to have our little birdie baby shower for Miss Bailey Ann. And we had a blast. Here are some pics to document our great time. It was so so so wonderful to get to spend time with Elisabeth's closest friends and family.

hairbow tree for Miss Bailey :) along with the bird nest favors

I had to grab some of the fabulous photos by Maddy to share

Diaper cake! & fabulous invite

a little of the food before it was all out...my goodness there was so much food it was nuts!
Is that table runner homemade you ask? Why yes it is! Made by Elisabeth! My awesome friend made her own table runner because she knew the store ones wouldnt satisfy her psychotic baby shower throwing friend that can't sew a lick... :) Thanks E!

pom poms everywhere :)

Me and E
P.S., I was so happy with her corsage. I went to so many places and no one could satisfy my need for a not all rose, pink and green, non old lady looking, you put one piece of babys breath in there and I will cut you corsage. What is wrong with people seriously??? lol. Thank you awesome lady at Kroger for putting up with me!!!

I love seeing Jenna laugh! Some of the ladies working on their personalized onesies. I have to say I am not a big shower game person, so I changed it up a bit. :)

oh we did play one game-guess the celebrity mommy on your back by asking questions-but it was just a get to know you thing :) You can't see it, but Jenna's Celebrity? Elisabeth Alt:)
mom and sam being very serious about their onesie decorating
presents everywhereeee

so cute!
Matts sis writing down some baby advice for Elisabeth

she is so cute pregnant!
yayyyy carseat!
LOVE this quilt :)

Me, my sis Samantha, and Mom <3 they were sweet enough to make the long trip :)
with presents and shrimp pasta salad mmmmm...
now, who in the world would give an infant a tutu? :) DUH!!! hehehe
I went a little dress crazy. I couldnt help it. I am powerless against the baby clothes. Someone will be well outfitted this summer :)
E & Aunt Wanda
E and her bestie Jenna
E's Mom & Sis In Laws
I heart this chica
Catie, E, and Aunt Wanda
part of the shower gang
the damage :)

So...I went a little crazy. But we do it big around here. That's the only way to do it :) And I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself, as someone that can admit to having a disability in the creativity department, I did alright! We had such an awesome time, we were so stuffed, and I am pretty sure we ate leftovers for a week. Mmmm!!! Thank you SO much to E's mom in law Chris, E's dad for supplying his home bc it was just too perfect and charming, E for putting up with my 5 zillion questions and ideas, friends and family that drove a long way to get here, and everyone who came out and supported one of my best girls. It was a perfect day and a perfect way to celebrate Miss Bailey Ann's arrival that was soon to come...

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Elisabeth A. said...

EVERYTHING about the shower was FABULOUS!!!! I can never say thank you enough for the awesome job you did. It was so much fun and everything was perfect. I think it was exactly what we'd been envisioning for the 7 months before! I couldn't have asked for anything better. You are amazing!!!!! xoxo


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