Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vote for Coco!

I've never put much thought into putting my lil girl in "cute dog" contests. I am not sure why I hadn't since she's so darn cute! But a lady at the pup store at Stony Point told me that I should give it a shot, so I am! 

I've entered Coco into the Bissell's MVP Photo Contest. Coco and I would VERY much appreciate your votes! The winner gets to pick a pet charity for Bissell to donate $10,000 in the winners name, and we'd love to be able to do that! Also Coco would be featured on one of the next packages for their products-you'd see her in stores, how cool is that?!? 

In order to vote you must give them your name, address, and an email account (I use my spam one for things like this). It takes about 45 seconds and I think it would be totally worth it to see my lil sweetie win! 

Please click HERE to vote for Coco!

Thank you friends!!!

Voting starts today and ends March 1st. You may vote once a day, so please vote for her as much as you'd like! 


Thursday, February 17, 2011

please watch

This really made me think about how stupid it is to text while driving. I pray that all of my friends and family watch this and never do it again. It can wait. 

my valentine

We went to Massanutten for Valentine's Day weekend with my family, so Friday night before we left I got this

I was SOOOOOOOO excited to finally get a bag for my camera (don't get me wrong I love candy and flowers too!). I'd been looking for since Christmas with no luck-I just couldn't find one big enough for my camera-it was an awesome surprise! Yay for having an awesome boyfriend!

We had our Valentine's dinner a day early, we really wanted to try the Fareways and didn't want to wait another day. This is us before on the balcony at the condo. It was so lovely out!

Pretty skyline over the mountains

We spend most of Valentine's day lounging around because I didn't feel well. We'd hoped to spend the day on the slopes but that's ok. That afternoon we had an awesome appointment at the spa and I was sooooo excited to get my much needed massage! I am not sure why I wait so long between them to get them again...I need to get one again soon! Darren loved it, he'd never been. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


 Baby it's cold outside...

Notice my lack of skis. I was still wussing out at this point. 

Sam trying the snowboard, kicking up some snow

Miracle! Me on skis! And I didn't die or even hurt myself! 
Look I'm even upright (compared to the chick behind me on the ground...)
I love my face in this pic by the way, Darren said I made faces like that the whole time. He talked me through everything. Although all I can remember is him being behind me and me yelling "I can't hear you I'm trying to ski!!!" What a patient guy I have :)

Thanks to Mom and Mike for an awesome mini family vacation and I'm so glad Darren got to come along too!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I have the best friends, ever...

Seriously. How many good people do you know that would come year after year to a dog's birthday party? Well mind you, this is no regular dog we're talking about here, but still! I always find it funny every year that I see more of my friends for Coco's birthday than I see for my own. =) 

Coco had a wonderful 3rd birthday with lots of attention, which I know she greatly appreciated. There was lots of chatter, babies laughing, crying, and playing, dancing, and eating...lots of eating!

Coco and her best friend Betty

Honor and I had a "senior pic" session hehe

He LOVED putting Coco's birthday hat on her, he did it for most of the party hehe

Thank you to E and Bailey for matching the theme ;)

My my that is a well dressed child, what a fabulous dress and headband ;)

Dogs need cake too! Pupcakes and "chocolate" dipped strawberry cookies (carob of course)


This was the highlight for Betty

Kaden is getting so big, and he's so cute!!! It was good to see Crystal, I hadn't seen her since she got back from Libya this summer!

Poor Betty was a good sport

All that cryin' wore Meir out, he was quiet as a mouse after the party was over
Ahhhh kids  hahah

Her Majesty was exhausted as well

Thanks again to my awesome buddies for such a fabulous day!

Love you Coco!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my sweet angel

is 3 years old today. 

WOW! I can't believe it. I still remember the day I first saw her tiny tiny self, and instantly fell in love...3 years later she's still always one step behind me, everywhere I go (that she's permitted)...and I love it! 

Happy Birthday Coco! 


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