Tuesday, October 27, 2009

been a lil busy...

Lots going on lately, but the biggest news is, we're moving!!! I am getting an apartment back in Glen Allen, and I am sooooo excited, because its sooo much closer to work. 30 mins as opposed to an hour. Plus no more tolls..yayyy! So Coco and I apologize for not updating sooner, but we've been trying to get the moving thing in the works, and before that, we were just busy living life. :) Hope everyone's doing well! I'll post some pics up once we're settled in...we're moving this weekend!!! :) Looking forward to Brande's Halloween Party this coming Friday and Elisabeth's Halloween Party on Saturday! We are actually moving Saturday as well...so this will be a BUSY weekend for us! And we still have lots of packing/cleaning to do...yippee. Yes, I realize that this is the SIXTH place we will have lived in this year, and we are SO EXCITED that we will be done with that after this move. By the way, Happy Birthday to mom this Saturday as well...lucky her, she'll be somewhere tropical! Enjoy! xo

Coco driving John's truck at the intersection of Hull and Courthouse...watch out ya'll!!!
Notice if you will the "Favorite Grandchild" tshirt. My mom totally loves it... hahah

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Girls Night with Elisabeth

So I'm posting this a little late, but last week was busy, so oh well! :)

Elisabeth and I had TWO girl's nights last week. One involved a very depressing shopping trip (clothes shopping...ugh) and then on Wednesday we headed to Bar Louie! We had a great night (besides the crazy stalker exbf drama). We had some FABULOUS nachos and some AWESOME blackberry mojitos made special for us, even though they weren't supposed to be sold anymore. Yeah, we're that special. Special enough to have 4 bouncers watching our backs all night, and special enough for blackberry mojitos ;) Yum!

Looking forward to our next girl's night!!! :) xo


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