Monday, September 27, 2010

Ok....I think its time to be nervous

Last week was sad. My last day at Union was Thursday. After exactly 8 years there, it was hard to leave to say the least. Not the building. Or even the corporation in general. But...the people!!!! Those awesome people have become my family, especially my group (CDU). Our group started about 2 1/2 years ago, and we are probably the most hated group in the corporation (aside from IT? lol) so we had to become like family and become a united front. Those people are awesome. I definitly shed a couple of tears on Thursday. Sometimes I wonder how I'll do without the encouragement of Sheila and Nelson, the laughs from Leo and Sara, the awesome close friendship of Ashley (and the gazillion things she taught me-both about my job and life in general), and the massive amounts of knowledge and patience from my wonderful boss, Joni. Yup, I said my boss (well former boss now) is wonderful. Because she is! They were so gracious about my leaving. They all knew it was for the best, and while I will miss them dearly, I have to agree, it was time to move forward. I got an offer I couldn't refuse, and I am grateful for that. These awesome people (along with several other coworkers) made the last two weeks of my time there a lot better than I thought possible. Encouragment, jokes, cards, gifts, food, cakes-they are so sweet! I love these people and will miss them soooooooooo much!!!

So, tomorrow is my first day at my new job. It was originally going to be today, but they had some issues getting my trainer in town in time, so tomorrow it is. Instead of being productive, I literally spent all day on my couch. This is something I NEVER do. So needless to say, the dvr may be cleaned up now, but nothing else is.  I planned on picking my outfit early, having everything ready, including my lunch...and here it is, nearly 9pm...and none of that is done. At least I have somewhat of a plan as to what I'm wearing....and I get to leave much later than usual, since my commute is less than 5 minutes now :)  What a HUGE change for me...this is the first job that is less than a 30 minute commute for me. This place is maybe a mile from home, if that. 
I have a few worries now that its getting close...I won't have everything done that I want to by the morning. I won't be on time, because something insane will happen, and then I'll look bad. Or I'll be 30 minutes early and look like a nutjob. I won't do well in training, and they'll send me home and fire me the first day...My outfit won't be good enough, my feet will hurt...blah blah blah. This is normal right? Bah!!!! I know it'll all be ok.
Enough whining for me. I know I'm blessed :) And excited. It'll alllll be ok. Now, time to do some "ironing". If you know me, you know what that means ;)

PS, anyone want to place a friendly bet on how long the 2 1/2 huges boxes of my desk crap will stay in my trunk?

Life is fabulous. xo ;)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Listen to your heart....and put one foot in front of the other"

While I don't put much faith into horoscopes, I find them fun and interesting to read. So when I got my new phone, one of the apps I downloaded was a horoscope one. I send E and Mel theirs almost daily (especially when they seem appropriate for whats going on) but I have to say, mine have been DEAD ON. It is crazy. I know its not real, but they are fun regardless, especially when they are so close to whats going on :)

Things this past year (or more really) have been rough on me. I mean R O U G H. Horrible breakups, get back together disasters, and more breakups, and huge disappointments on the job front. Between the letdowns in the guy department and me being disappointed with my job for quite some time...I was starting to get really down. But still, I perservered. After quite a bit of work and prayer...things are really starting to get better. When I went to the beach, I made my "job" for the week to find a new job. And so I spent an hour or two each morning (before hitting the pool for 8 hours) looking feverishly for jobs. After applying for what seemed like a zillion jobs, I was fortunate enough to get a few interviews that seemed promising. After a big let down, I thought I should quit. I had an interview lined up for another position, but thought it may not be worth my time. I even cancelled the first interview. But something told me to reschedule, so I did. I had my first interview, and it went SO well. But then I got a bit of a scary email making me think I may not have a chance. But after talking to them they said come in, we really think its worth your time. So I went to my second interview, which also went well. I didnt expect to hear back for a good week,but heard back the next afternoon! I got the job!!!!!! It's closer to home AND MUCH better pay. YAYYYYY!!!! Maybe I'll stop eating pasta for every meal now! :) So last Thursdays horoscope(I'm a Cancer):

"Life is too short to...quick moonchild, how would you fill in that blank? The first thing that comes to mind is the first think you need to concentrate on. Somewhere in your life you are dissatisfied.  You have been treading water or spinning your wheels or going through the motions for too long.  Now it's time to change the status quo. You may be so caught up in some routine that you aren't sure how to go about changing anything. But you can do it. Listen to your heart, and put one foot in front of the other"

And so I did. I took the new job, and my first day is Monday Sept. 27. What a huge change!!! I'll still be processing loans (only mortgages now though), but with a totally different company. I've been with mine for 8 years. While I love my coworkers, it was time for a change. (WAY OVERDUE). I am so thankful.

Things aren't just looking up on the job front, but in my personal life as well. :)

How refreshing it is to not only be blessed with a brand new job, but an awesome new bf too :) 

Life is so good :) xo

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

trying new things...

So recently when I went to visit Mom and Mike we decided to head up to do some shopping in Fredericksburg. After searching for Bella's birthday gifts, Mike wanted to surprise me with sushi! I love sushi! Now- when I say I love sushi...I mean I don't really love sushi...I love the wuss stuff. Yup. Like Tempura Shrimp and California Rolls. That's IT. I never had a desire to try more. Mike said there was one condition to this...I had to try whatever he gave me. Uh oh...

I started with a clear soup, not bad. Then came the Octopus Salad...I was a lil scared.

This was what was left of our salad...only a few pieces of octopus left...I loved it!!!! (It was cooked)

Then came the tuna. The R A W tuna. I thought I was going to gag just getting it near me. But I had to try. So I did. It really didn't taste bad. But the yeah that takes some getting used to.

Then finally time for the good stuff!

Shrimp Tempura Roll, Spider Roll, and California Roll
(there were others...I just didn't eat them)


Then came Mike's Sashimi plate. Oh no. Lots of raw fish. I tried the tuna again (not too bad), yellowtail (I think that's what it was called) barf-so gross, and this yellow looking tuna-um I actually had to spit it out. So bad. Then came the super scary part...Eel! I'd heard it was nasty, I protested as much as possible, but I'd promised I'd try, so I did.
Glad I tried it =)

Thanks to Mike for a cool sushi experience...and sorry to Sam and Lil Mike for nearly barfing up some raw fish. YUM. lol

Life is good =) xo

Bella Bug is TWO!!! talented. That's all I can say. She is so great at putting together parties, homemade everything....LOVE IT! :) In case you are blind...she did a ladybug theme...too cute!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Bella!
I can't believe she's already TWO!

Even a homemade outfit! E made an adorable tu-tu
This banner involved a lot of pain on our part haha, but turned out great!
of course we match the decor =)
It melts my heart when I walk into a room and I hear a shout of "JEN!!!"
Its awesome when kids learn your name:)
Bella stylin in her shades, going shoppin I believe...She's SO CUTE!!!

Happy Birthday Bella Bug
I love you <3

Vacation All I Ever Wanted...

Vacation Had To Get Away...
Go-Go's anyone??? =)

Vacation was...AWESOME!!! Duck, N.C....I had such a great time with family, got to know people was just great! :) Most of my time was spent relaxing in the pool. It was pretty much an 8 hour job for me. 10-6, I was in the pool, book in hand. I know, how exciting am I? When I wasn't in the pool I was spending time on the beach, shopping, and spending time with the fam and new friends. I miss it SO MUCH. I want to go back SO BAD.

David, Me, & Mom
Chilling with Sam
Look at that long hair! I cut a bunch off the last day.
Hot tub time!!!
so pretty...
Mikayla while out shopping with the girls :)
Lil Mike skimboarding...with a hat on-oops!!!
My other new bro-Ryan
Darren teaching Mike a thing or two =)
The girls digging a hole (not sure why kids do this???)
Trying to do a self shot of me and Sam...didn't work so well

Lots of the fam on the beach...the last day

Ready to go back...NOW!!!
Thankful for a wonderful vacation with my family...I <3 them!!!

oh my...

Someone has been a little lazy lately on the blog posts. Yeah, I know. Horrible.

What have I been up to? Where have I been?

Between work (ahh!!!), vacation (I MISS IT!), church, friends, party planning, and, I am a BUSY girl. Tonight is actually going to be my first "I don't have plans" night in like a month. Or two. But who's counting right?

I am fine I promise. I'm alive. Just been so busy living life that I haven't taken a chance to sit down and write about it. I even slacked on my person and word of the month...for 2 months straight! Gasp! Oh well.

Random fun photos...

Went to visit Mom the weekend before last...
Coco decided to get hair all over her new blanket. It was sooo soft :)

Boots I am in LOVE with. Just can't see myself buying them when its still 100ยบ out...

Ashley, Sara, and I all have the same shoes, and we all work in CDU.
I LOVE these shoes! Best deal ever!
<3 you Target!

Life is good...more to come! :)


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