Wednesday, September 1, 2010

oh my...

Someone has been a little lazy lately on the blog posts. Yeah, I know. Horrible.

What have I been up to? Where have I been?

Between work (ahh!!!), vacation (I MISS IT!), church, friends, party planning, and, I am a BUSY girl. Tonight is actually going to be my first "I don't have plans" night in like a month. Or two. But who's counting right?

I am fine I promise. I'm alive. Just been so busy living life that I haven't taken a chance to sit down and write about it. I even slacked on my person and word of the month...for 2 months straight! Gasp! Oh well.

Random fun photos...

Went to visit Mom the weekend before last...
Coco decided to get hair all over her new blanket. It was sooo soft :)

Boots I am in LOVE with. Just can't see myself buying them when its still 100ยบ out...

Ashley, Sara, and I all have the same shoes, and we all work in CDU.
I LOVE these shoes! Best deal ever!
<3 you Target!

Life is good...more to come! :)

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