Wednesday, September 1, 2010

trying new things...

So recently when I went to visit Mom and Mike we decided to head up to do some shopping in Fredericksburg. After searching for Bella's birthday gifts, Mike wanted to surprise me with sushi! I love sushi! Now- when I say I love sushi...I mean I don't really love sushi...I love the wuss stuff. Yup. Like Tempura Shrimp and California Rolls. That's IT. I never had a desire to try more. Mike said there was one condition to this...I had to try whatever he gave me. Uh oh...

I started with a clear soup, not bad. Then came the Octopus Salad...I was a lil scared.

This was what was left of our salad...only a few pieces of octopus left...I loved it!!!! (It was cooked)

Then came the tuna. The R A W tuna. I thought I was going to gag just getting it near me. But I had to try. So I did. It really didn't taste bad. But the yeah that takes some getting used to.

Then finally time for the good stuff!

Shrimp Tempura Roll, Spider Roll, and California Roll
(there were others...I just didn't eat them)


Then came Mike's Sashimi plate. Oh no. Lots of raw fish. I tried the tuna again (not too bad), yellowtail (I think that's what it was called) barf-so gross, and this yellow looking tuna-um I actually had to spit it out. So bad. Then came the super scary part...Eel! I'd heard it was nasty, I protested as much as possible, but I'd promised I'd try, so I did.
Glad I tried it =)

Thanks to Mike for a cool sushi experience...and sorry to Sam and Lil Mike for nearly barfing up some raw fish. YUM. lol

Life is good =) xo

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