Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the wish bracelet

I don't know why I'm just now remembering this...but I thought it was worth sharing.

Last summer on my family beach vacation to Duck, NC I bought a little something for myself. I was honestly pretty broke back then, so don't worry, I spent less than $2. I went with the ladies to a string of shops and saw these

and I thought-well, there's nothing else here that I want. And the sign above said "wish bracelets" along with info on each color and what each color represented-wealth, health, youth, fertility-you get the point. I am a big fan of pink. So that's the first color I read. Love. At this point I was not doing too well with this area in my life, so I picked up the bracelet, walked around the store with it, and finally purchased it. Ok-so I wasn't doing so well with wealth at the time either, but I was only picking one bracelet, and so I made a big girl decision right there and thought, what do I care about more...and love won. 

When we got back to the beach house, I showed Mom. I figured she'd laugh at me, but she didn't. Looking back I am guessing its because she thought shoot we should try anything at this point...haha. I asked her to put it on my ankle for me, because I knew she could tie it tighter and I wanted it to stay on for a good long time...(it had to stay long enough for me to find a man I'd love, so I figured this thing may just rot off my leg eventually...). So she tied it on super tight and sent me on my way.

 I am not sure why-I'm really not superstitious, but I put a lot of faith in this bracelet working for me. 

Now, if you recall...I "met" Darren at the beach. Apparently I'd met him before (a few times he said) but I don't recall much about these meetings he said that we'd had over the past year or so. I didn't see him much throughout the week, he stayed in the other house, hung out with the guys, and I stayed immersed in my books and lounging in the pool. The other guys picked on us throughout the week-but I honestly thought nothing of it.  Sure he was adorable and kind, but he was much younger and honestly hotter than any guy I'd ever I didn't think twice about it. Why would someone like that like me?

Surely the bracelet wouldn't work this fast anyway. "This bad boy is going to be stuck on me for a lonnnng time."

The last day at the beach Darren offered to give me a ride home (it was on his way home), and he was riding back at the same time as my new bro Ryan. I was dying to go home and see Coco and for some reason just really wanted to ride with him (still completely oblivious that he liked me). So instead of leaving in the morning with everyone else we left at like 11pm. We talked and talked and started dating right away. The bracelet stayed on. I thought, "this guy can't be serious...he's too young and hot for me...this won't last" I tied the bracelet on tighter to make sure it wouldn't fall off. 

I started falling for him. I stopped tightening the bracelet every time I was in the shower. I don't even remember when, but the bracelet fell off. I remember it wasn't right away and it was all stretched out, lost all the beads-in bed, at work, I'd find them in the most random places. But it fell off. I was still with Darren. For some reason this wasn't amazing to me at the time, but now I think it's awesome looking back. 

I'd like to think that among other things, the bracelet really did help. Usually I find when I put so much hope into little things like that, I come out disappointed. But I am happy to say this time I became a winner. I am crazy crazy crazy about this never before in my life. 

And life, is fabulous. xo


Hollie said...

I have chills. :D

SO happy to see you so happy! You deserve it!

Jen said...

Thanks Hollie!!!! :D xo


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