Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vote for Coco!

I've never put much thought into putting my lil girl in "cute dog" contests. I am not sure why I hadn't since she's so darn cute! But a lady at the pup store at Stony Point told me that I should give it a shot, so I am! 

I've entered Coco into the Bissell's MVP Photo Contest. Coco and I would VERY much appreciate your votes! The winner gets to pick a pet charity for Bissell to donate $10,000 in the winners name, and we'd love to be able to do that! Also Coco would be featured on one of the next packages for their products-you'd see her in stores, how cool is that?!? 

In order to vote you must give them your name, address, and an email account (I use my spam one for things like this). It takes about 45 seconds and I think it would be totally worth it to see my lil sweetie win! 

Please click HERE to vote for Coco!

Thank you friends!!!

Voting starts today and ends March 1st. You may vote once a day, so please vote for her as much as you'd like! 


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