Friday, March 9, 2012

The Bridal Shower!

Grammy, Kristen, Aunt Ann, and Mom threw me a lovely shower in King George last weekend. They thought about every detail, it was so beautiful and sweet! The food was delicious, the cake even had one of our engagement photos on it! They worked so hard to make everything perfect, and it truly was! I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family. I had some friends that traveled nearly two hours to be there. My people are the best! Here are some photos from that special day.

Here are my ladies! 

Kristen is getting a kick out of saying that Adam Levine is her dream husband...she knew we'd have a fight about that

From mom...what could it be?

OH MY! She said she wanted to "air my dirty laundry" Don't worry...its all new and clean. 


Opening a special gift from Grammy, I made Darren show up for this.
Forgot to tell him to dress for the event, oops! Ha!

Mel! Outdoor pics are just so much prettier!



Darren's mom, Cheryl 


Me and my girls, minus E, I wish she could have been in more pics!!!

Me and my sweetie

Ignore my funny face...and look how much taller she is!!!!!


Face cake!

Adorable sign that mom made for everyone to find us!

More of moms crafting, thank you pinterest! She did such a great job!


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