This is Coco. 

Coco is our 6 year old Japanese Chin. I know, I know...she doesn't really look like a dog. 
She looks more like a cat/raccoon/skunk/alien/evil genius.  Totally cute huh?

Her name is Coco Mai. Coco is for Coco Chanel. NOT hot chocolate. I hate it when people ask that-it's not even spelled that way...come on people. Mai is just a Japanese variation of Mae, a name I love. 
She's Japanese so I figured she should show that somewhere. 

 I'm not quite sure if she likes it or not, but I treat her like a tiny human. (ridiculous outfits and all)

Coco kinda goes wherever I go. Visiting friends, shopping, she even sits by the tub when I take my long bubble baths-you get the point. If she's allowed to be there...she is there. And she's pretty darn fabulous. Tell me she's not...I dare you. I've never met a soul that dislikes her after spending 30 seconds with her. Strangers smile at her when we are walking down the sidewalk. 

There's just something magical about this dog...


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