Friday, June 17, 2011


Since I'm home quite a bit now, I've started cooking a LOT more. When I find something I like, I document the recipes on this blog under the "Foodie" tab under my banner on the right. If you're interested in delicious recipes, check it out! It's really there just so I have somewhere to go back to next time I want to make it, but I figured I'd share with my fabulous blog readers! 

*You will probably never find a photo of this food, because we eat like scavengers around here, and as soon as it's time for pics, it's time to EAT! :)

Life is fabulous!

Middle School Days Are Over...

Last Friday we celebrated Samantha's last day of middle school by attending her graduation. I am so proud of my little sis-she earned so many awards, and she is a good kid. I convinced her to let me take a few pics of her in her graduation dress. 

There are no words, I just love this one. Beautiful

She looks like our momma when she laughs. Cute!

Growing up WAY too fast for me. Slow down please. I love you lil sis! 

Life is fabulous  xo

The Twins

Much congrats to my friend Ashley and her husband Corey on their new sweet angels! 

Sleeping angels


Carly's first bow experience

Carly looks just like her daddy!

Chloe's first bow

The girls are in a milk coma

Milk drunk

Ashley looks great!!!

I couldn't pick a favorite so here are a bunch

This was soooo neat to hold them at the same time!

baby feet

Proud auntie-again! 


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