Wednesday, July 6, 2011

29 Things I've Learned at 29

      On Monday, July 4, 2011, I became a 29 year old. I've been dreading this for months, but it's really ok. Cause I've learned a lot. So here's the 29 things I've learned by 29:

 1.  Life is what you make it. I wear this on my necklace everyday. (thanks lil Mike!)
2.       It is amazing how much you don’t know when you are young. And I thought people were just being rude or snobbish…but I really had no clue. Probably still don’t!  I can see the annoyed look younger people give to me when I try to explain something, and I remember that feeling. But now I get it. As my family says... You don’t know what you don’t know.
3.       The only person that can make you happy is you.
4.       You will never be completely prepared for something new or the unknown.
5.       Debt is a vicious cycle, and is something people should try like hell not to get into.
6.       Things aren’t important. People are.
7.       No one is perfect.  Lower your expectations of others, and when they do good, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
8.       Stop beating yourself up over things. We all do the best we can with what we have at the time.
9.       You are not entitled to anything, no matter who you are, how awesome you think you are, who your parents are, how much money they have, etc.
10.   Drama makes you age faster. Let it go as quickly as possible.
11.   Forgiveness is the key to a peaceful life. Walking around angry only hurts YOU.
12.   Life is too short to work at a job you despise.
13.   The more pressure I’m under, the harder I work, and usually more effectively.
14.   You are in charge of your destiny. It doesn’t matter what mommy and daddy did to you as a child, its time to move on and take ownership of your life. If you are above 18 then its time to grow up.
15.   Living is a lot more fun than just existing. Do something for you everyday. Purchasing something occasionally to do this is ok, but usually it should be free. A bubble bath, a long chat with your best friend, a walk around Maymont, etc.
16.   You are only promised this moment right now. Keep putting off things and you will surely regret it.
17.   When we have a problem with someone, the problem usually isn’t the other person. Its us.
18.   Accumulating things is unnecessary. Go through everything at least once a year and get rid of as much junk as possible. I seem to accomplish this by moving a lot. Hehe
19.   Your friends will come and go, but family is family. Like it or not they are the people you can’t just let go. Luckily my family is awesome.
20.   Back to forgiveness. Forgive the unforgivable. Even if it hurts. But never forget it. Fool me once…
21.   Smiling at everyone really helps. Perfect strangers especially.
22.  You can try to help someone, but if they're not ready for it you have to let it go.  In order for people to change they must want to. 
23. Anything done in excess is not healthy. Even things that seem good or fun. Moderation is key!
24.  If Coco ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
25. The older I get, the dumber I feel...seriously, the older I am, the less I feel like I know.
26.  Most of my friends are very different from one another and even from me. But this is good. They all bring different traits and talents to the table, and I need each of them in my life for different reasons. 
27.  Sometimes-MOST of the time- saying nothing at all is the absolute smartest thing you can do. I have learned this a zillion times over. Before you open your mouth...think. 
28.  Most things, moments, and events are only temporary.  If something is really good or amazing, it won't always feel that way. So enjoy it while you can. If something is really awful that's happening right now, it will get better. Time heals all wounds and gives you new ones. 
29. Knowing where the nearest restroom is at all times could possibly be one of the most important things to know in your life.  What? You thought the last one would be heartfelt and serious? Knowing this info is serious folks... :)

what a bum...

I am soooo disgustingly behind on my blogging and I have no excuse at all! Just living life and enjoying myself here in my new surroundings. 

I'll give a quick run down of whats been happening, then I'll do my real blog posts I've been meaning to do.

~Since I've had all of this time off, I've become quite the cook. Check out my "Foodie" section for proof! 

~I haven't been spending nearly as much time at the pool as I'd hoped, but I'm trying to make up for it now because....

~I got a job! I'll be working at the Navy base here where I live. It's a great opportunity for me and I'll be starting once my security clearance goes through. Yay me! 

~I've had a chance to spend lots of time with my lil sis since she's out of school for the summer, which has been super fun! We've spent our time at the pool, taking photos, and even a little shopping for birthdays.

~I am now 29 years old! Eek! I've been dreading it all year (this has been happening since 25 came and went...) but its really not that bad. I don't feel any different. Darren and David are now a year older too, all of us as of this past weekend :)

~I found a new respect for people that work 40 hours a week, come home, cook and keep a clean house. I obviously have done this for most of my life too, but I've found myself saying multiple times this did I get all this done AND work? Where are the days going? Time flies when you're having fun! 

~Coco is doing great. She is LOVING all the quality time with her momma and is sad that she'll be going back to work soon. But there seems to always be someone coming in and out of the house, and really she'll only be alone for an hour a day, because Darren and I will be on completely different work schedules. I'm working evenings and he's working days.  This means if anyone wants time with me they better hurry, because my weekends will probably be all about Darren soon since we wont get to hang out much during the week! Coco was sick last night but seems to be feeling better today, just sleepy. I think she ate something she wasn't supposed to. Naughty girl! 

~Life is fabulous. Lots of changes and still more for the future, but I am loving it. 


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