Sunday, February 6, 2011

I have the best friends, ever...

Seriously. How many good people do you know that would come year after year to a dog's birthday party? Well mind you, this is no regular dog we're talking about here, but still! I always find it funny every year that I see more of my friends for Coco's birthday than I see for my own. =) 

Coco had a wonderful 3rd birthday with lots of attention, which I know she greatly appreciated. There was lots of chatter, babies laughing, crying, and playing, dancing, and eating...lots of eating!

Coco and her best friend Betty

Honor and I had a "senior pic" session hehe

He LOVED putting Coco's birthday hat on her, he did it for most of the party hehe

Thank you to E and Bailey for matching the theme ;)

My my that is a well dressed child, what a fabulous dress and headband ;)

Dogs need cake too! Pupcakes and "chocolate" dipped strawberry cookies (carob of course)


This was the highlight for Betty

Kaden is getting so big, and he's so cute!!! It was good to see Crystal, I hadn't seen her since she got back from Libya this summer!

Poor Betty was a good sport

All that cryin' wore Meir out, he was quiet as a mouse after the party was over
Ahhhh kids  hahah

Her Majesty was exhausted as well

Thanks again to my awesome buddies for such a fabulous day!

Love you Coco!

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Hollie said...

Looks like Coco had a blast!


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