Thursday, February 17, 2011

my valentine

We went to Massanutten for Valentine's Day weekend with my family, so Friday night before we left I got this

I was SOOOOOOOO excited to finally get a bag for my camera (don't get me wrong I love candy and flowers too!). I'd been looking for since Christmas with no luck-I just couldn't find one big enough for my camera-it was an awesome surprise! Yay for having an awesome boyfriend!

We had our Valentine's dinner a day early, we really wanted to try the Fareways and didn't want to wait another day. This is us before on the balcony at the condo. It was so lovely out!

Pretty skyline over the mountains

We spend most of Valentine's day lounging around because I didn't feel well. We'd hoped to spend the day on the slopes but that's ok. That afternoon we had an awesome appointment at the spa and I was sooooo excited to get my much needed massage! I am not sure why I wait so long between them to get them again...I need to get one again soon! Darren loved it, he'd never been. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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