Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vacation All I Ever Wanted...

Vacation Had To Get Away...
Go-Go's anyone??? =)

Vacation was...AWESOME!!! Duck, N.C....I had such a great time with family, got to know people was just great! :) Most of my time was spent relaxing in the pool. It was pretty much an 8 hour job for me. 10-6, I was in the pool, book in hand. I know, how exciting am I? When I wasn't in the pool I was spending time on the beach, shopping, and spending time with the fam and new friends. I miss it SO MUCH. I want to go back SO BAD.

David, Me, & Mom
Chilling with Sam
Look at that long hair! I cut a bunch off the last day.
Hot tub time!!!
so pretty...
Mikayla while out shopping with the girls :)
Lil Mike skimboarding...with a hat on-oops!!!
My other new bro-Ryan
Darren teaching Mike a thing or two =)
The girls digging a hole (not sure why kids do this???)
Trying to do a self shot of me and Sam...didn't work so well

Lots of the fam on the beach...the last day

Ready to go back...NOW!!!
Thankful for a wonderful vacation with my family...I <3 them!!!

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