Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm an auntie-again!!!

So there's this person I've been dying to meet all year.

I dreamed about the day I could finally meet her. What would she look like? How tiny would she be?

Who am I talking about? Miss Bailey Ann Alt.

I am impatient. I mean, like I really have a problem. Especially waiting for something exciting like a little pink miracle. So I was very pleased that I didn't have to wait as long as planned. E and I hate it when plans are messed up. We don't do well when things don't go according to THE PLAN. But...this was the exception. This early little surprise was just what I needed in my life. When I got that text minutes after she was here, I was beyond thrilled. So freaking crazy excited. I woke up enough for Matt's phone call, then fell right back to sleep, and dreamed about meeting Bailey. The happiest dreams I've had in a while :) Of course my dream involved her in a ridiculously cute pink frilly outfit, and Coco was there playing with her. Obviously this was a dream because the girl was already the size of a 5 month old, sitting up, laughing, and playing with Coco. I remember looking at Elisabeth during the dream, and saying, "um Elisabeth? she has earrings already? (large pink diamond studs actually...) I mean that's cool, but you just got home from the hospital today?" "yeah Jen, they do it at the hospital now, isnt it great???" hehehe. Such a Jen dream, seriously. :)

So when it was time to wake up and go to work (booo!!! I wanna go visit her NOW!) I had to call and check on her, this time I was actually awake for the convo. Awesome birth story! Once I got off the phone, she won't know this, but she will once she reads this blog...I started crying. I was just so happy for my best bud. I couldn't take it. I couldnt stand it and just bawled like a baby myself. How wonderful. How lucky, how blessed she is! I am just so beyond happy for her. I had to keep redoing my makeup before work. Needless to say I was 15 mins late. Oh well I had a good excuse :) Then I got in the car and played Taylor Swift's "never grow up" (I really am a glutton for punishment huh?) and cried, again. So wonderful. SO excited! I couldnt wait to leave work and head to see that sweet baby girl.

All day, the anticipation was killing me. I tried my best not to bug my friend. I mean she just gave birth for goodness sake, I know she was exhausted, and I figured people were blowing her phone up. So I tried to call as little as possible...TRIED to focus on work, and finally the time came to leave...yayy!!!

That was one looonnng walk to see her. I was so excited. I figured I better calm down before I got to the baby section...didnt want them thinking I was some crazy stalker baby taker... :) lucky for me she was the first door I came to. How did I know? No name on the door. But there was a list of drug allergies on the door. A MILE long. Yup, I know it, this is it! hahahha...poor E. Love u!

I walk in, and my bestie is all done up. (SO proud of her for this!) I was expecting to have to do this myself. I hate to come in seeing a tired mommy with no makeup or hair done. I am always the friend that comes in as the "glam squad" :) But E being the type A that I love had it taken care of. She looked gorgeous! And she had my lil sweet pea bundled up nice and tight in Jenny R's adorable homemade blanket, a sweet pink outfit (not that silly hospital grade mess!) and of course, be still my heart, a pink headband on the child's adorable, perfect, tiny head. Love it. She was wonderful, she was perfect, and I am so glad I got the crying out that morning, cause that would've been embarrassing lol :)

I had an awesome visit with two of my favorite girls, E and Bailey Ann. Yeah I like to say Bailey ANN. Sounds so good with Jennifer Ann huh? Ok so I know its for E's wonderful angel mother...but hey, works for me too right? lol. I couldnt help but think of E's mom while there. How sweet of her to let Bailey come down to us early. She obviously knows how impatient E and I both are. :)

Ok I'll stop blabbing about my baby worship here and show what everyone wants, the goods...
SO tiny

again, beautiful
proud auntie
this pink thing will NEVER get old...
sweet family
melt my heart why don't you?

Bailey Ann Alt
December 2, 2010
6 lbs 13oz

Hope you enjoyed meeting the perfect little extension of my best bud...Miss Bailey Ann Alt :)

She had me wrapped around her finger before I even met her.



Elisabeth A. said...

It is so neat to hear about the day she was born from someone else's perspective. Especially someone who loves her SO MUCH! :) She is such a wonderful little girl and I am so glad she has an amazing auntie to dote on her like she deserves! I think you knew she'd be dressed all up when you saw her. Can you imagine me not putting my baby girl in something pink ASAP?! I'm so glad you were able to come see her on that special day! Bailey loves her Auntie Jen! :)

Kathleen said...

So sweet


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