Thursday, January 6, 2011

shoutout to my new lil bros

Well...they're not really "little" but...younger? How's that? When mom got married this past summer, I gained 3 new brothers. Plus there were already 3 of us. That makes six! We look like an attractive version of the Brady Bunch ;) hehe

So, let me introduce you to the newest members of my family...

Michael-the baby

 Ryan and Dylan
Ryans the oldest, Dylan is the mid kid
Notice none of my "little siblings" are "little" compared to me...

 And the whole fam!
Michael, Samantha, David, Mike, Mom, Ryan, ME, Dylan

We can't forget the OG
Or OB? "Original Bro?"
Lil David-not so lil

Our birth order
(except moms hehe)

There...happy Ryan? :)
ps love this pic!
<3 my new lil bros <3

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