Tuesday, January 25, 2011

he is the best thing that's ever been mine...

Every time he calls...this is what I get to hear as my ringtone. This song came out the same week we "met"-ok so he says we'd met a few times before this...but really I don't remember it-so it doesn't count. We started dating shortly after spending time getting to know each other at the beach, and I've been crazy about him since. It was totally unexpected, I never thought it would work, he lives far away, he's younger, he's not my normal dark haired guy, but none of it matters-cause he's so much better than I could've ever imagined. I am so nuts about this guy. He is the sweetest, kindest, most generous, loving, most handsome guy in the universe. And he's mine...the best thing-that's ever been mine :)

I was even more thrilled with this song once the video came out. So adorable-I just sat and cried when I saw it, I couldn't wait to show him. It's too perfect for us, the beach, the lyrics, everything-perfect. Another fabulous song you obviously wrote about me Taylor Swift-thanks a million :)

It still shocks me daily how happy he makes me. Seriously. I'm one happy lottery winner here <3


Elisabeth A. said...

BARF!!! But I still ADORE both of you!!! xo

Jen said...

hahahah thanks! And none of that barfing...remember THIS?


uh huhhhh hahahha xo


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