Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So perfect for Easter...

Raise Him Up

When I first met his momma

She was just 19

Couldn't say for certain who the father was

I have known him since he was a pup

And I'm gonna raise him up

If you never knew your daddy

Like I never knew mine

It feels like everybody knows you're fatherless

This boy may not be blood of my blood

But I'm gonna raise him up

I'll provide for him

Walk beside of him

I am strong enough

Cause it's time he knew

What a son can do

With a father's love

He can change the world

You only have to look at Joseph

A couple thousand years ago

When he held a newborn baby he named Jesus

He said He may not be blood of my blood

Still I'm gonna raise Him up

I'll provide for Him

Walk beside of Him

I am strong enough

I will show Him too

What a Son can do

With a fathers love

And He will change the world

33 years later

When the Son was in His grave

Broken and abandoned by a world He came to save

His real Dad said He's Mine

Blood of My blood

Now I'm gonna raise Him up...   :)

I'll provide for you

Walk beside of you

I am strong enough

I have seen from you

What a son can do

With a fathers love

One man changed the world

And He can change your world

But you gotta raise Him up

Raise Him up

This is a song off of one of Randy Travis' Gospel cd's that I have. I came across it on my way home from Charlotte this weekend, and listened to the whole cd over and over, and texted Elisabeth at nearly every song and told her to check out the lyrics, I forgot how much I LOVE this cd! This song has a lot of meaning for me, since the man who raised me was also not my blood father, but he was there from day one, and I will always love and respect him for that. He is a wonderful model of what a Christian man should be like, and a wonderful father-much like Joseph! More thoughts on Easter to it!!!

"He is not here, for He is risen!"

Love ya Big David, thank you for all you do! xo

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Elisabeth A. said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!! Definitely made me tear up a bit. I'm going to have to listen to that CD!


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