Monday, March 15, 2010

My eventful weekend...

I'm big into planning. I like knowing what I'm going to do before I get ready to do it. So when emergencies come along, I am not happy about it.  This happened to me this weekend. Friday night I received an upsetting phone call, and that seems to be what triggered everything. I was sick all night (I'll spare the gory details) and it got a LOT worse the next morning. Finally I called the doctor's office, told them my symptoms, and they told me to go straight to the Emergency Room. So I called the ER first to make sure I should, and they said to hurry and get there.

I called mom and let her know I was headed to Memorial Regional, and went on my way. I have to say, these people know what they're doing. I imagined myself in a waiting room with a bunch of sick and injured people for hours...nope! It was not even five minutes, and I was getting weighed, having my temp and bp taken, and then set up into a room. Not even five minutes after that, I had an IV started because I was so dehydrated, and they put a little stomach medicine in the IV, and then some Morphine. That was quite a shock to my system, I'd never had anything like that.  Felt like something weighing me down, but that went away quickly, and so did the pain, which I was grateful for. Shortly after mom and Samantha showed up, so that was nice :) I had a few tests run, including a CT scan, which was also a new experience for me, and then I got sent home, with pretty much no information-but a few prescriptions, including Vicodin-which knocks me OUT!  Hey, it could be worse!!! They deduced it to extreme stress, and told me to follow up with a specialist.  So for now, I am waiting to see what the specialist says on Wednesday...wish me luck!

Thank you for all of my awesome friends and family that have been checking up on me with this, I love you guys! xo

My lil wristband (had to mark out the SSN! Can't believe they put that on there!)

Gross!!! Lots of blood taken and then IV fluids and drugs

CT Scanner-
Then I got in one of these..pretty strange, very "Grey's Anatomy" hehe

Praying for good results from the specialist Wednesday afternoon...we'll see!

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Elisabeth A. said...

So glad you're feeling better!!! :)


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