Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Very Different Christmas

So Christmas this year was a little different than usual...but it was wonderful!!! One of the most exciting things about this Christmas season was having Mel stay with me, and even spend Christmas Day with me!!! This was also my first Christmas as a single gal (since I was probably 16 or so...) so that was a bit different...yayyyy no buying presents for boyfriends haha. This was also the first Christmas where I had to see my mom and dad separate, which was hard, but not nearly as bad as I thought. It all started when I picked up Coco from the groomer on Christmas Eve, she looked adorable! They put little red and silver bows in her hair, so I put on her little Christmas dress and Mel took pics. Then Mel and I parted ways so she could go spend time with family while I headed to Fredericksburg to see my dad, brother, and sister. We had a nice night visiting other family, including my great grandma that I haven't seen in a LONG time, so that was nice. Then we went home, hung out, and went to bed. We all seemed to wake up around 7:30, then we went into the living room with their GORGEOUS tree and waited for Lil David to make his grand appearance 30 minutes later...thanks David. Then we all took turns opening gifts, and our dad did an AWESOME job for his first time around on his own. He even did my pistachios in my stocking that I always want! :) Then we sat together and took turns reading verses of Luke 2 and talked about The REAL Christmas Story. It was great! Then we had to hurry up and get ready to head to King George to see mom. Mel showed up just as we finished getting ready and took some family pics for us, which was so sweet! :) Then we made our way to KG for Round 2 of our Christmas Day Extravaganza. There was still a ton of snow out so that made for a messy trip, but we got to and from in one piece somehow. We were late for moms (surprise) and so we had to hurry with the gifts. Most of my big ticket items were already in my posession (thanks 4 the TV MOM!) so I was surprised to see I was still getting so many gifts. We had special stockings there too, which were awesome, where I found a FOUR POUND bag of pistachios. Yes people, I am going on about pistachios, but seriously, they are probably my favorite stocking item (you know, besides money). I am really not sure how Mike got those in there, but I had to laugh when mom told me he took forever to put the bag of them in the stocking, and then mom reminded him that he had to put all the other stocking stuffers in too. Hehe...After opening all of our awesome gifts, we headed to Round 3 of Christmas Day at Mike's grandmothers house for an AWESOME Christmas breakfast. They were great people and we had a good time, then headed back to Mom and Mike's to lay around till Christmas dinner. Mel took a lovely nap while I enjoyed a few glasses of Christmas cheer :) Then we had Round 4 and did Christmas dinner, where Mike's family came over and the Durney's did as well! The food was AWESOME! One of the best meals I've had...YUM. Shortly after dinner we headed back because we had a long trip back to Richmond, and the roads were still icy. So it was a wonderful Christmas!!!! Hope everyone enjoyed theirs as well! :) xo

Coco on our way to Big David's for Christmas Eve :)

Samantha helping Coco open gifts


Love it!

Me and Mom :)

Mel and Coco's Christmas nap

What I did during Mel's nap


Me and Mel Christmas morning!

Happy Birthday Jesus! :)

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