Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MLK Weekend in Charlotte!

So for MLK weekend, Coco and I decided to head down to Charlotte to visit Mel, which has become a tradition. The whole 3 day weekend thing really helps. I even took off Tuesday to have an extra day to drive back! Since I had to work at Yankee Candle on Friday night, I decided to wake up Saturday and get a much needed oil change, and then take a drive with Coco down to Charlotte. We got there around 2, but we were pretty lazy, I guess from all the driving. We got to see Meir, and he was LOVING him some Coco. He's growing up so fast! He'd call her kitty, and run up to her and wrap himself around her and give her a big hug-pretty much whenever she was in reach haha. He is so sweet. He was teething and not feeling well, but he still did really well. He is such a happy child! Saturday night we headed to an outdoor mall and walked around, and had some dinner out. I was proud for not really spending any money, yay me!

Sunday morning I woke up to a very happy Meir, and he crawled up into the bed with me and was hugging on me (and Coco of course).  We did a little cleaning, and then we decided to try to get his portraits taken at Walmart, got Meir dressed and went all the way to Walmart, only to find out they are doing away with the portrait studios, so we were out of luck. So we took Meir back to Michael, and we headed back home after a trip to the mall. We got dolled up and went to a pub. After a couple of drinks and good company, we headed home, because I got my traditional Charlotte trip migraine, yay! So I went to bed while Mel waited up for Ryan to get home from FL.

Monday I met Ryan, and we all headed to a sushi restaurant, where Ryan treated us to some delicious fresh sushi! Much better than Ukrops. MMM! Then Mel had to do some tutoring, so Ryan and I went to a few shops and to Ritas-side note-Elisabeth, I really didn't think Rita's was all that. I was excited from all the hype, but I was not impressed. Once Mel was finished we headed back to her apartment and I went on my second migraine tour of the weekend, and Ryan cooked us a good dinner. And being the awesome bestie that Mel is, she went and picked me up some migraine med. What's up with me being sick in Charlotte??? Oh well, it went away pretty quickly, so we all just hung out and I prepared to leave in the morning. Tuesday morning we said our goodbyes :( and it took me around 4 1/2 hours to get home. Coco was very happy to be home, and she slept all afternoon. (Ok, so after going to lunch with Z, I may have slept all afternoon as well! :) )

We had a great time in Charlotte, minus being sick. I miss Mel already! Time to move to VA Mel!!!!!!!!

Didn't get a ton of pics, but here's what I have, enjoy!

Coco on the way to much for keeping me company in the front seat!

Meir "reading" for me when I arrived :)

Girl's night out!

Tonight is girl's night with excited!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay, Jen and CoCo in Charlotte equals really fun time! wish you were snuggling with me right now watching some real housewives... oh wait I think we got through all of the episodes... I FO-GOT!! Miss you lovey, wish you were here. I got the migraine meds ready for next time :)

Anonymous said...

FYI, posting comments on here is a pain in the ass. Luckily I would gladly jump through many fiery hoops to make you happy :)


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