Sunday, January 24, 2010


So this weekend wasn't all too thrilling, but it's always nice to have time off! :) I did get to spend plenty of quality time with Z, which always makes me happy! Saturday I was off to do lots of shopping and trying on things all day with Mom and Samantha. It was a long, trying day, but always fun, since I was with my girls of course! We also had a DELICIOUS lunch at Olive Garden, complete with berry sangria...YUM!

I had to work Saturday night at Yankee, but I actually had a nice time, and I kept busy so it went by rather quickly.  They have a ton of new stuff in for spring, and I am really loving it!
Of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without my long phone conferences with Mel :) It was so nice to spend time with her last weekend, I am looking forward to seeing her soon-hopefully in early Feb. 
Sunday(today) consisted of a lot of laziness, a little grocery shopping, and then Z stopped by to visit for a while, but instead of enjoying time with him, I fell asleep in his lap. I guess I was just exhausted. Oh I also did my taxes, so that's a nice accomplishment, looking forward to my little refund!
While maybe it wasn't the most exciting weekend, I did get to spend it with people I love, and of course my Coco, so it was wonderful.

Life is good. xo

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