Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another awesome girl's night with E!

So tonight Elisabeth and I had our weekly girl's night. The original plan was to go to Bar Louie...but because of poverty, cold, and rain, we just weren't feeling it. So instead, we had a girl's night in!  Elisabeth brought over some DELICIOUS Chinese food...YUM! It was SO good! Then we settled on the couch and watched a little TV, and E started on our (ahem, her) craft of the night. Headbands! She's going to visit some family this weekend, and is bringing the little girls headbands. They turned out awesome! So while she crafted away, Coco slept, and I watched trashy TV and ate popsicles. Shocker!

Coco and I chillin on the couch while E works away...

Silly girl!

haha had to post this, love the face :)

Coco helping

Me helping

Elisabeth wishes I would stop "helping"

So cute! Baby headband

We are FABULOUS! I felt like the lady Neicy Nash from Clean House lol

She is too cute!!!

Me on the other hand...

Good job E!

Coco decided to wake up when it was time for Elisabeth to go

We had a great night! I'm already looking forward to next week's girl's night!!! xo

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