Wednesday, May 11, 2011

newest obsession

I LOVE this flippin show. Seriously. What started as just a chance for me to see Adam Levine on TV has now turned into my favorite weeknight-Tuesday night...all because of this amazing show. Adam may have got me to start watching, but it's not him that's kept me's just THAT good. 

The concept? Well this ain't your regular singing show honey. I'm not a fan of shows like that...they all seem the same to me...someone trying to look pretty and be famous and being chosen from what looks like a popularity contest. This show bases their choices on a contestant not because of how popular someone thinks this person will end up...but based on what really matters, their real, raw musical talent. These people have it. How does it work? Well the show started off with several contestants, and 4 judges. The contestant would sing a song of their choice and the 4 artists (all amazing by the way) would give their vote if they wanted this person on their team. But the twist, the judges can't see the person singing. They are in these large chairs facing away from the contestants. They have to make their decision based solely on the persons VOICE. Imagine that, a singing show where that's what really matters? Turns out people really do like the "real" thing, not some made up show. If more than one artist turns their chair around to pick the contestant, then the ball is now in their court, and they get to pick which artist they'd like to work with the most. 

So, up to speed. Now all of the artists have chosen their 8 contestants to be on their team. Then the artist chooses 2 people each week from their team to face off and sing against each other. The same song, at the same time. Each contestant gets their own part of the song, and they also have to harmonize. Then, the same artist that has been working with them both to prepare them, has to kick one off the show. Once they are down to 4 contestants per team, then America will get to vote for their favorites (similar to American Idol, only 1000 times better). Can you tell I am not an Idol fan? That show is way past expired and if you know me you know I am all about getting rid of things that are way past expired these days. 

I encourage you to watch it. I don't know why I am so adamant about people watching this show, I guess simply because it's that good and when I find something that is good I want to SHARE it. So please check it out. Tuesday nights, 10pm. Set your DVR. Now! You'll thank me later. If you want to catch up on past shows, you can check them all out on their website. I have to share this clip from my favorite performance last night. I love this song by Pink, and I feel like the perfect girls were picked to sing it. I was sad to see one of them go, her voice is truly amazing. I am hoping that closer to the end of voting there will be a twist and they'll bring some of these people back. Enjoy!

Did you get chills? Cause I did. Bye bye American Idol, see ya never. 

Life is fabulous 

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