Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Meir!

Not only is my lil sweetie Coco 3 this year, but so is my nephew Meir! I stopped by for a while to visit during the party, with Darren and Coco in tow of course. I truly think this kid could care less if anyone is there, aside from his momma, Coach (his dog) and Coco. He is obsessed with Coco. He even calls me Coco, to save time I guess. Because lets be honest folks, Coco is all that matters in this world. I love how my nephew sees things... 

Lots of bubbles for the birthday boy!

more bubbles with Uncle Darren


He was obsessed with this book. Would NOT put it down, had no interest in
any other gifts...

Till he opened the book

Thomas the Train! He's ate up with it

Open them all momma, now! 


Happy Birthday Meir, Auntie loves you!

Life is fabulous, especially when there's cake!

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