Monday, May 23, 2011

Maymont with my favorite

A couple of weekends ago, Darren and I finally took the opportunity to make a quick trip to Maymont Park, my favorite spot with my favorite guy. We were certain it would rain on us, but we were willing to take the chance. I was hoping to take him to see the flowers in full bloom, but alas, the tulips had come and gone. But thats ok, roses were in full bloom and there was still plenty to look at. I was also secretly hoping for that rainstorm just so we could have an excuse to stop and kiss in the rain.  Full on Notebook style.

Yes I am that cheesy folks. He brings out the cheese in me. No joke. I just can't help myself.
*Thanks Google images for the NB pic

I digress...back to the topic at hand.

Maymont's gorgeous peonies...we almost missed them because of the rain beating them down. But they stayed strong...just for me of course

Magnolia for my Momma

This is my favorite photo from the day. This guy has got the right idea. Why just rest or just eat? Why not do both and lay in your own feeding trough? I envy him. 
We love Maymont Park. Ok I do. I think Darren likes it too. 

Oh and I didn't get that rainstorm that I was secretly craving for my Notebook moment...still waiting. 

Life is busy and has a lot of surprises, but it's fabulous. More to come. 

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