Saturday, February 27, 2010

I love girl's nights!

There is nothing that quite compares to a good girl's night, sometimes, they're just necessary! With all the work, errands, and things to do during the week, it is so refreshing to hang out with my favorite girls! Last Friday, after a particularly hard week at work, Ashley and I decided to go out for dinner and a couple of drinks, and instead of my usual spots, we tried The Ironhorse in Ashland. So we got dolled up, met and drove there, and arrived in a place that really wasn't quite what I had imagined. It was actually better! They had a jazz band playing, and we sat at the bar. We enjoyed some DELICIOUS appetizers-Ash had the crabcake and I had fried oysters, we enjoyed a couple of drinks, and then had YUMMY desserts! She got the cheesecake and I got the chocolate mousse, and yes, they were to die for! I figured there would only be a bunch of older people there, but there were all kinds of people there! It was a nice change, and we really enjoyed ourselves.  It was nice to spend time with one of my favorite girls outside of work =) After dinner Ash was gracious enought to make a late night Walmart run with me to get food to prepare for Coco's birthday the next day. I love this girl!

Since apparently I hadn't had enough fancy delicious food for the week, I went to Melting Pot with Elisabeth for eve more great food! On certain weeknights each month, MP has a "Ladies Night" special. Lots of DELICIOUS fondue, and half price speciality drinks! After another particularly trying day at work, those really hit the spot! For our cheese fondue we decided on the fiesta cheese-my favorite! Yes, we of course scraped the bowl. Sometimes I think the cheese is my favorite part. But then I remember all the other great courses, and then I can't quite decide! We both got the California salad-another favorite-and it was great! We decided to not go for the meat this time, because we really wanted a chance to enjoy dessert, and sometimes, after all of those courses, that can become difficult.  As if the delicious treats they brought us on a platter weren't good enough, then we had chocolate fondue to dip it in...YUM! We got the Flaming Turtle, because really, setting food on fire is just cool. Don't you worry, we scraped that bowl as well.
One of the reasons we'd decided to go on this particular Ladie's Night was because they usually have different vendors there, and one of them piqued our interest. While I'm pretty sure neither of us believe in this at all, they had a free psychic there doing readings, and we really wanted to see for ourselves! Sadly, we couldn't find him when we first got there, and after finally finding him after eating, it was too late. Oh well, guess we'll just have to figure out our futures as they come to us, hehe :)
Another delicious, awesome night with one of my best friends! I heart Elisabeth!!!

Funny how happy we both look here, too bad 1 minute earlier, just before the food came and we gobbled some before snapping a pic, we were ready to kill anyone in our line of sight due to starvation! :)

Yup, that's me scraping the cheese bowl. Don't judge me. You'd do the same.

Yayyyy for my yummy drinks!

I love this girl! And yes, that's our dessert plate, minus the chocolate we dipped it all in! Be jealous! hehe

Looking forward to next week's girls night already. We must've been exhausted when we finished our last one, because we haven't even discussed this one yet! :)

Life is good! xo

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