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February Word of the Month: Love

I figured it would be fitting since it's the month we celebrate Valentine's Day that the
WOTM (Word of the Month) be


I guess I should start with the definition, as always:

How Webster defines LOVE:

1: a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties; affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests

2 : the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration ;a beloved person : darling —often used as a term of endearment

3: unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another: as (1) : the fatherly concern of God for humankind (2) : brotherly concern for others b : a person's adoration of God

I think these are awesome ways to describe the most sought after feeling, emotion, and state in the universe.  I feel you can love many different people in many different ways.  I love so many people, and since this is my blog, I get to ramble on about it!
Let's start with family first...Mom-I love my mom for taking care of me, being there for me when I need it, her beauty, her honesty.  Dad (David)-I love for being there from the beginning, even though it wasn't his resposibility. Little David-I love his confidence, his love of life, his affection for others-including me! Samantha-I love that she's a diva, a mini-me, her love of the arts, and her love of fun. I love my father and his family so much as well, even though I don't get to see them as often as I like, they still mean so much to me.
Coco-I love her companionship, loyaltly, and her excitement when I'm around. I love that she loves EVERYONE, and that everyone seems to love her.  I love that she can read my emotions. She seems happy and upbeat when I'm happy, and she cuddles when me when I cry. She also puts up with my ridiculousness-and dutifully stands there while I dress her like a human. :) She makes me smile EVERYDAY!  
I love my friends-Melody-(the LOML!) hehe...I love our inside jokes, the fact that we can have a good time whether we're in sweatpants on the couch, or dolled up for a night out, I love how much we laugh when we're together. She's probably hands down one of the coolest people in the world. :) Kathy-I love how long she's stuck around for my drama! I love that she is there for me when it counts. I love her love for her family.  Brooke-I love that most of our together is spent laughing and lounging, I love her acceptance of everything, I love the fact that she stands by me no matter how ridiculous the choices I make are.  Elisabeth-I love that we seem to have a common bond in such a short amount of time, I love how much fun we have together and how we share so many of the same interests, I love her determination to make anything work, whether it be a relationship, a busy schedule, or some crazy craft. Crystal-I love her ability to make everything fun and beautiful, her creativity, and the best thing about her is she is able to find the good in EVERYONE.  Becky-I love that after all these years, we still can get together every once in a while and reminisce and pick up right where we left off. I love her affection for her family.  Ashley-I love how much time we get to spend together at a place that would be terribly dull if she weren't there.  I love her concern for what's going on with me, and how she always provides a listening ear.  Honor-I love her for being there for me at a time when I was really low, and opening her home to me.  I love her love and compassion for her close friends. 
I love all of my fabulous friends, even if they weren't noted on here...but no one wants to read a 20 page blog post. :)
Last but CERTAINLY not least, my Savior.  I love him mostly for His unconditional love for me and the extremely imperfect person I am.  He loves me for all of my faults, and He died for me! There have been many times in my life that I feel closer to Him than others-but one thing is for sure...the closer I feel to him, the more happy and fulfilled I feel about my life.  I screw up everyday, multiple times a day, and He forgives me.  I love that no matter what the circumstance, I have always been taken care of.  I feel like most of my worries are foolish, because He always takes care of me. Whether it be some huge worry about a family member, or some small worry like me forgetting my lunch, I've always been provided for. I am so thankful for that.
My favorite part of the definition of love is "the unselfish loyal and benovelent
concern for another" I think this is beautiful!
I'd love to hear about others and their loves. :) So please share!

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Lynn Powers said...

I can't believe that I am taking the time to do this, but I feel it is important.
This is for the ladies (Younger) who have not yet found or experienced real Love. And remember, just from my experiences.
I have found that as a women, we tend to settle. Yes, regardless of what you think as you read this, we do settle. Please don't get me wrong, I can not complain about the wonderful life that I have lived thus far, but as Mike and I always say "You Don't Know, What You Don't Know". Think about that statement...

You may think that you have experience real Love.
We tend to think that when we first find love, that this is is the best and we have reached the mountain top! Well, don't sell yourself short...Until you have experience different types of Love from the opposite sex, then you really don't know.

So here is my list..if you care:

1.Every man needs a purpose.
2.He must be healthly and Strong!
3.Protective(every women likes this even me and my independent self!)
4.He must be confident.
5.He needs to be himself.
6.He must have a great sense of caring!
7.He should be able to joke around..
8.He MUST LOVE HIMSELF, Before he can love you!
9.A genuine concern for you..understanding, compassionate..wants to get inside your head..knows what you need and doesn't have to ask...and truly cares enough to do this!!!
10. Six figures salary..J/K, but doesn't hurt.


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