Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby it's cold outside...

So with all the blizzard conditions lately...there's not much to do-especially with a puppy that hates snow! So, we stay inside. Lots of Real Housewives on TV, movies, and playing online. Oh...and eating lots of junk! Get me out of this house before I gain 50lbs! This past week I've mostly been either working or hibernating inside. I did have a fun girl's night with Elisabeth on Wednesday. I made chicken parmigiana with penne, and some garlic bread (don't be impressed, I was being lazy, it was Bertolli hehe) and we devoured all of it, then we chatted and watched movies. It was a nice relaxing girl's night, and we had a great time! We also played with my photo editor a little bit.  Here are some of the pics we played with, and some of the pics of what Coco and I have been doing this past week. Enjoy! :)

So, Coco's birthday party has to be rescheduled because of the snow. Julie from NJ and Mel from NC couldn't make it, conditions were just too dangerous. I'm working on my schedule to see what the best day will be.  Next weekend is Valentines Day. I think we'll be doing dinner and a movie, but not sure yet.  Also on Vday Coco and I will be doing a photo shoot with Hollie, and we are soooo excited! She's been working on her photography, and I can't wait to see what she can do with Coco, since she refuses to look at the camera for me! I'm looking forward to next weekend, and I pray that we won't have any more of this ridiculous weather. The other day when I looked at the forecast for tonight, it's supposed to be 9 degrees ...ahh!!! Lots of snuggling with Coco so we won't freeze to death! :)

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