Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my favorite place

For me, this is one of the happiest places on Earth.  I mean seriously, better than Disney...and I've been to Disney quite a bit. I got a call this morning asking for directions to Maymont...and I immediately went into panic mode. "You're going to Maymont?!?!? I wanna go!" So I got permission to take leave early to spend the afternoon with mom and this pretty girl...

My only complaint would have to be the other 10,000 people that were there-mostly children. Makes for some very difficult picture taking-but we worked around it. I guess I can only complain so much...Samantha was on spring break as well. 

 The weather was amazing. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. 


I love this tree

I love this kid 


Funny moment of the day: 

Sam: Why does that tree have a skirt on???
Jen & Mom simultaneously: Tree skirt!!! 
Jen: These trees are very dignified and ladylike here...

So I have  theory as to why several of their trees were so fashionable, but I'm not positive. I would look into it but I'd rather just pretend its because they're fancy trees that like to dress up.

We had a beautiful day at Maymont Park. I can't wait to take Darren while everything is still in bloom! <3

Life is fabulous 

1 comment:

Hollie said...

Great pics! Glad you were able to go.

P.S. The tree skirts are a project by VCU School of the Arts.


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