Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's going on in the life of Jen?

Outside my window.....it's late, so it's dark. And it's been SO chilly lately. Not a fan. But I hear that this weekend is going to be warmer, which makes me smile :)

I'm thinking....things are going to be turning around soon, financially anyway. The new job is going well. Got my first two mortgage files in late this afternoon. I start on them first thing. Refis! I know they won't all be that simple, but its nice that the first two wont be purchases. I'm also really liking some of my new coworkers, they make me laugh. Also looking forward to Williamsburg with mom on Monday for our day off.

I'm thankful for....having all my needs met, at all times. And then some. I tend to worry needlessly. I have to remind myself of all the times and amazing ways Heavenly Father has taken care of me. Oh and my parents :) and friends!

I'm wearing....pjs and a dog sleep on my leg-she must be as close as possible of course

I am remembering....ideas for Elisabeth's shower, and jotting them down so I won't forget. Been thinking of my Nannie lately. And having dreams about her and others from my past. Weird. Also remembering how much I miss the beach and how awesome it was. I can't believe that was 2 months ago!

I'm going....to bed soon, I am not getting enough sleep! Good thing work is not that far so I don't have to get up early

I'm currently reading.....well...I hope to be reading the last Vampire Academy soon. Please find it soon E! :)

I'm hoping.....Friday comes soon.  Well, tomorrow evening first so I can see Darren, then Friday :)

Noticing that....I have more free time with this new job. (I guess from no commute) And I'm loving it!

Pondering these words....."The more that you learn, the more places you will go" Dr Seuss. So true!

From the kitchen....I am starting to gear up to actually cook again. Its been ages! Planning on making practice cupcakes for E's shower-maybe this weekend

One of my favorite things.....Coco-and lately? Junkfood. Don't know what my deal is. Can't. Stop. Eating!!!

A picture thought I'd like to share.....
Happiness sometimes comes when you least expect it to, and where you least expect it from. :)

Life is fabulous =) xo

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