Friday, October 15, 2010

he really is awesome...

Darren, that is.

My sweet, adorable, handsome guy placed these on my coffee table Wednesday.  

When I asked why, he gave me a puzzled look, that um Jen, don't you get it? Look.

"Cause you said you were having a bad day..."

Could he be any more awesome?

I told him he can't do this every time I tell him I've had a "bad day", because he'll have to buy them all the time.  :)

Remember these? From my bad day last month. I see a pattern. lol

Life is fabulous! xo

1 comment:

Elisabeth A. said...

Spectacular!!! What a sweetheart! I do suppose that one day we will have to let him in on your aversion to all things yellow. :)


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