Sunday, April 18, 2010

Word of the Month-Recover

So I've had a hard time figuring out my word of the month for this month. April has been a very blah month for me emotionally. While I've kept super busy, it seems I haven't taken much time to take care of myself or really do anything just for me. So tonight a word popped up into my mind, and so I figured I'd go with it. So April's WOTM is:


~to bring back to normal position or condition

~to get back: recoup, regain, repossess, retrieve
~to extricate from an undesirable state: reclaim, redeem, rescue, salvage
~to regain one's health

It just seems to fit what seems to be going on right now. I seem to be in a slow state of recovery, from a few things. While I seem to have recovered slowly over the past few months, I feel as if I still have a way to go. I'm not really sure what the next step is. I'm not sure why I feel like I'm stuck in this position, not moving foward. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to I'll rely on God. I know He has a plan for me, so I just need to be patient for now and continue to move forward as best as I know how.

I'm sure everyone's felt this way at some point. Something big happens in your life, alters you completely, changes your world and flips it upside down, so you go into defensive mode. But then what? What gets you out of this state? How long does it take? Maybe I'm just impatient. Ok, fine, I'm totally impatient, but that's no secret here. Any (positive) help would be much appreciated! :)


Anonymous said...

A slow steady recovery is better for the soul than a quick fix. Having great friends and family to keep you engaged in life helps the healing and keeps you moving forward. Things will get better I'm sure of it.


Anonymous said...

It all happens in due time. The more you try to rush something the more problems it will cause. Sure you might find happiness for a bit, but it will usually lead to more difficulties down the road. We all have a vision of what we want or where we want to be and usually when we go searching for it we just make ourselves miserable because we have a time frame in our minds. Just focus on each day and making the most of each one by having fun and doing what you love. Then when you least expect it everything will start to fall into place and you will find what you were ultimately looking for.

Jen said...

Thanks guys, not sure who #2 is (you didn't leave a name), but thanks, great advice! :)


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