Sunday, April 4, 2010

Girl's night with E and March of Dimes Bake Sale/Auction

Our girl's night this week was a little different than usual. Instead of going out or just chatting all night, we did something productive! First we headed to Target and Michaels to get all the items we needed to make lots of treats for the bake sale. After quite a bit of playing around, ahem, I mean, serious shopping...we headed back to the apartment and baked our hearts out. Elisabeth made ADORABLE cupcakes, and I started on my butterfly cake, which I would finish the next day along with the Trash and chocolate covered pretzels, and even more cupcakes! I am so thankful to Elisabeth for donating her time, funds, and talent for this awesome cause. She is fabulous! We decided to document our night with you can see, we were all business at Target...hehehe :)

What? We gotta try it on to make sure we want to purchase it...ahem but don't worry, we didn't purchase hehe
Tribute to Mel with giant sunglasses xo
We don't discriminate, we'll try on hideous shoes too.
We're siiiinging in the rain, in Target!
After! =)

Thanks again my E! Love you! Looking forward to lots of girls nights
with all of our new free time! :)xo


Mel said...

OMG I love the sunglasses! Before I read the caption, I was like "wow those glasses are so cute" :) Glad ya'll had fun, wish I could have been there

Jen said...

aww I wish you could've been here too! Miss you girly! Can't wait to see you again! :) xoxo

Elisabeth A. said...

So glad Mel likes the crazy glasses!!! lol So much fun! Can't wait to do it again. Cupcakes should always be a part of girl's night! :)


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