Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a busy weekend!!! It started out after a great girl's night on Friday night-with a yummy dinner at O'Charley's. After dinner I packed up our stuff and Coco and I headed to King George to see mom. We got there late, so only Samantha was still awake. We crashed shortly after we arrived, and woke up to a busy day the next morning. First we headed to the tennis courts-where I figured I'd just get to sit and watch...haha no such luck :) I ended up playing, and I did pretty well! Surprise! Coco enjoyed how she could run around as much as she wanted, the court was fenced in.  After tennis we decided to head to George Washington's birthplace and look around for a bit, and then head to the little beach area there. It was chilly on the water though! This was Coco's first time on a beach, so I had to snap a couple of shots :) She seemed to enjoy it. We didn't stay long because of the wind, and then we headed home...but not before Lil Mike and I convinced them to get us crabs for lunch. They were SO delicious!!! We had a great time eating and hanging out, and I was so stuffed by the end I thought I may get sick. After a quick shower, mom, me, and Samantha headed out to get pedicures, and we were so tired by then, that we all practically fell asleep on the couches while waiting for our turn. The pedi was fabulous :) Samantha got neon orange on her toes, she's so funny, but it turned out pretty cute. Only that pretty girl could pull that off! After our pedis, we headed back to pick up the boys and then headed out to our last adventure of the day, bowling! I am usually pretty bad with that too, but I did pretty well! :) After bowling, I was so exhausted, it was all I could do to get Samantha back to Big David's before falling asleep. We all chatted for a bit once we arrived, but hit the sack early since we planned to go to the early service.
This morning-Easter Sunday!-we headed to church to the early service, and I really enjoyed it. I miss going to church with my family. It's too bad it's so far away! After church we headed home and Lil David washed my car-yay!  We spent some long overdue family time together, and Big David even helped me wax my car (as if my whole arms aren't sore enough from tennis and bowling!). We had a great day, and Elaine stopped by too. Coco and I headed home and we both passed out on the couch. We are both worn out and exhausted, but it was a beautiful and fun weekend! Here are some pics from our adventures this weekend, enjoy!

Samantha blowing bubbles while we rode in the truck bed to the tennis courts :)

George Washington's Birthplace
Coco's first time on a beach =)
Sam found some sharks teeth-where the heck are the sharks inthe Neck??? lol
Mmmmm Crabs...
pedicures and bowling
Happy Easter!!!
Big David laughing and spoiling Coco

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! xo


Mel said...

I can't believe how athletic you are!!!! Now you have no excuse to not play tennis with me :) I even have 2 rackets!

Jen said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww I don't think I'll be able to play again for at least another 27 years lol

Elisabeth A. said...

Ew to the crabs! haha but I LOVE the rest of the post! So jealous you went bowling, how FUN!! I haven't been in forever. And you looked like a ZILLION bucks in that easter dress!!!!

Jen said...

Thanks E, this is why I love you


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