Monday, January 28, 2013's my specialty

Anyone that knows me well could tell you that since I left home for college...I've moved-A LOT!  I stopped counting after 11 times a few years ago, but I am certain it is probably close to 20. It wouldn't surprise me. Most people probably find this strange about me. While I know it's not normal-I am totally okay with it. My grandmother moved every few years throughout her entire adult life.  Like me, she liked change. She didn't like for things to become stagnant.  I like to joke with my mom that just like my Nannie..."I'm a rolling can't tie me down!" Usually I keep my moves fairly close to home-or close to my parents. I always kept it within an hour or so driving distance. That all changed recently!

A couple of years ago when Darren and I were still pretty new in our relationship, we went to visit my best friend Mel in Huntersville/Charlotte, NC. I'd been to Charlotte countless times to visit, so I knew I loved the area. By the time our weekend visit was over, Darren was hooked as well. I remember the moment in the car on the way home when he said, "I could see us living here. We need to move here!" Fast forward 2 1/2 years, different jobs, and getting married. In September of 2012 we decided, it's time to just do it. We started getting all of our ducks in a row and by December we were visiting the area to pick out exactly where we wanted to live. We decided on Huntersville, just north of Charlotte. We immediately fell in love with the area near our home, so much to do and many things within walking distance. Earlier this month we finally did it, we moved out of state!

It's been 3 weeks and we are slowly getting the place together. Because of my multiple moves, I tend to purge my things each time we move, so we have less and less "stuff" each time. We pretty much had to start from scratch on the decorating front. We've already had 3 trips to Ikea...ok poor Darren has had 4 trips, and several trips to Homegoods and Target. That along with a lot of online shopping, canvas ordering, and ordering prints of wedding pics, we are hoping for it to soon come together. If I feel really productive, I may even post some pics!

The most exciting part of the house to me so far has been decorating the office/guest room. I am lucky enough right now to work from home, and since I spend a lot of time in my office, I want it to be Jen-friendly. Meaning lots of wedding photos and decor to match-in pink, white, and gray. It is a work in progress! Can't wait to see how everything looks here in a month or so.

We are really loving the area so far. I have a feeling once spring and summer comes along, we'll really be loving it. There is so much more to do down here, and our favorite thing about the is SOOOOOO dog friendly. Dog parks, malls that are dog friendly, even bars and coffee shops that are dog friendly. Coco is loving it. Since she is our child, this was a priority for us. We love driving and walking around and seeing smiling faces walking their dogs. There are a lot of dog freaks here. We fit right in! ;)

Notice the drive time...6 hours, 3 mins...359 miles. Whew! Needless to say my friends and family were a little bummed about this. We plan on coming home to visit as much as possible though, and hopefully they'll come to visit soon too!

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