Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My friends, let me introduce you to my daily dose of karma. I do something annoying, and in turn, something annoying happens to me. 

Exhibit A: Coco is relaxing-snoozing away, and I convince Darren to wake her by getting her monkey to hug her. Coco is not amused. 

*Please excuse the photography...I'm not a photographer, and I am using my iPhone in a  not well lit area.

Exhibit B: I am playing on my computer. I forget that a full glass is behind my laptop. I move the laptop back, and the full glass spills all over our new, clean carpet in our brand new place. JEN FAIL! I was certain Coco would ruin the carpet before we ever would. I never spill anything. But as luck would have it, Coco is once again laughing at us because I'm the one that screwed up. Notice the monkey smiling in the background. Coco was sitting beside it but I guess she was disgusted with me and walked away once I snapped the photo. Woops! 

Lesson? Don't mess with Her Majesty. 

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