Friday, August 24, 2012

Nannie's 90th Birthday!

Back in May my dad's side of the family got together to celebrate our Nannie's 90th birthday! Nannie is actually my great grandmother-Elaine's mom. She watched me and my cousins for years growing up. This woman has survived so much and seen so much in her ninety years, she is truly amazing. This was also a great opportunity for Darren to meet lots of my extended family!

Me with Nannie :)

Birthday girl!

There were flowers EVERYWHERE! I love magnolias!

The President and First Lady sent her this for her birthday!
(Excuse the blurriness of the next couple of photos, some of these were taken with my iPhone)

Two of her 5 cakes. Yes FIVE cakes! My dream come true! I guess once you turn 90 you get multiples :)

The orchid we brought for Nannie

Me with my grandma-Elaine :) Love her!!! My dad chatting in the background

Nannie with one of her daughters (Elaine) and nieces and nephew

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