Friday, August 24, 2012

My brother is all grown up!

For the past year, my brothers David and Dylan have been living in Blairsville, Pennsylvania and going to school at Wyotech. I'll say its to learn about fixing cars because I know nothing about cars, but I know they learned more than that. This past weekend was their graduation. David decided to walk and I am so glad he did! We made the trip up there-it is COLD in PA in case anyone was wondering....I wore jeans and long sleeved shirts and sweatshirts the entire time aside from the graduation ceremony. Blairsville is a TINY town in PA in the mountains. They have a Walmart...that's about it. I am happy to say that I actually got to see the boys almost every weekend. They came home quite a bit since there is not much to do up there. After doing the 5+ hour drive, I'm not sure how they did it! 

I am SOOOOO proud of them and all they've accomplished this year!  Little David is all grown up and I guess eventually I need to stop calling him Lil' David because he's clearly grown up. I can't believe the baby I used to carry around the house and pretend he was mine is now a college graduate. 

All grown up!

With mom and Mike

With his sistas

David and his Daddy

With Grammy

With Darren and his favorite sister ;)


This is from his HS graduation in 2009. I found it funny that we took a similar
pic this graduation as well...
My handsome brother


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