Friday, August 24, 2012

My 30th Birthday Celebration

I'm just going to be honest, this birthday is the one I've been dreading for the past five years or so. Thirty. No longer in my twenties-no longer a "young adult." It really began to hit me once my baby sister Samantha turned 15 in April. I did the math back when she was born (I was 15 at the time) and quickly realized that soon after she turned 15, I'd be 30. 

My birthday is the Fourth of July. The day came and went and I have to say-thirty is not so bad. Actually, this 30th year of my life has been the best yet-My family is doing well and growing up-and I got to marry the love of my life this year! I finally know who I am and what is important to me. I've grown, I've matured, and I've learned a LOT about life. I couldn't say the same about myself 10 years ago, or probably even five years ago. 

The actual day of my birthday I spent most of the day in the pool in my favorite float, just hanging out. We had no real plans (that I knew of). Once we got home Darren said let's get dressed, I'm taking you to dinner. Once we got to downtown Fredericksburg, I finally figured out where we were going-one of my favorite places to eat that I haven't been to in years-Old Towne Steak and Seafood! Once we were seated, Mom and Mike showed up! I had no idea they were coming, so it was a nice surprise! We had a DELICIOUS dinner and a great time. 

Here we are-STUFFED after dinner

The following weekend, Mel had a little get together for me at Casa Grande with some of my closest friends. In true Mel style she brought confetti, 30 Sucks! suckers, balloons, and straws with mustaches, because let's face it-we are classy like that. It was so nice to get together with my friends again! 

Me with my partner in crime-Me1!

Our "evil" faces

Scott and Brooke

My preggo friends-Kathy and Crystal

The whole crew

My sweetie and his old lady

Fried Ice Cream YAYYYY! Oh, and then we ate more ice cream after next door :)

My party face

No this hat is not embarrassing at all...

Dirty 30!

If you know my joke about my brother...
this is the funniest picture EVER!!!
What a good sport :)

Classy ladies-clearly.

Me and my girls :)
Just missing my E! 

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