Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Favorite Friends + Family Photos from Our Wedding

Here are some of our favorite shots of friends and family from our wedding day-taken by they always fabulous Hollie D. Photography. Enjoy! Not in order...too much work!

Darren's mom on the left, my mom hugging us right after the ceremony

Darren and Mike right after the ceremony

Wedding party, minus our sweet flower girl Layla

Modeling with Mel :)

Darren's best bud Daniel

hugs for Brooke and Honor! 

My awesome friend AND the woman responsible for my awesome hairdo-Elisabeth

Lauren & Sam

Brian and Nicole

Brooke and Scott

Matt and E

Melanie and Brandon

Mike and Mom

My Dad-David and grandma Elaine

Amy and Bernie-we found out that night they're expecting! Congrats!!!!!

Adam and Crystal

Darren's Dad-Craig and Ann

Darren's grandparents-Barbara and Bill

Michael and Mikinzi getting down

Whitney and Jayden

Becky and Layla

Hugs for E!


Gifts for mom and Grammy

My sweet brother David

Dylan and Grammy getting down

Granny G can still get down too! With Michael

hahaha love this

I look a hot mess but I love how Mel and Sam look in this pic



Me and my grandma Elaine

Michael showing everyone up with his Bernie

There is a lot going on here...

Makin it rainnnn in here!

hahahaa I love this pic!!!!!!

I know, you're jealous. It's ok. 

David and Kylie

Robbie and Apryl-soon to be married too!

Kylie and David

Honor and James

Jimmy and Becky

Dancin' fools

Ashley and Corey

Jen's family-Mom's side

Jen's family-Dad's side

Darren's family-Dad's side

Darren's family-Mom's side

One of my favorites from the day-my 3 favorite girls
in the whole wide world

Darren's mom-right after the ceremony
They were a mess! :)

Uncle Patrick

Brooke and Scott

Brian decided to try on Coco's attire

E, Me, and Kathy!

Amanda and Carley

Had to attractive. Must be excitement over the
cake right behind me :)

Kevin danced ALL NIGHT LONG!

A gift for my Goddaughter

Wayne and Mikayla

My Union buddies! Sara, Ashley, and Leo

Bernie doing the Bernie! Best part of the night! LOL!!!

Carley and Dylan

Doing what we do....
making it rain and having a good time

My favorite photographer and dear friend Hollie D

Apparently I'll do anything for Sara and Ashley, because I hate group dances.
Love you ladies!!! Obviously! 

Best Man Ryan and my sweetheart

Mr. G.Q.

So happy to have some photos with Hollie! Getting dressed

My favorite girl-and maid of honor-Samantha


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