Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fav Post Wedding Photos by Hollie D Photography

Our favorite photographer was not able to capture as many photos of just the two of us as she'd originally my massive amount of hair put us behind schedule. :) My crazy amount of hair was driving me nuts so much that I had to cut it before we even had a chance to shoot these post wedding day pics, taken two weeks later. Oh well! :) I love them, I think they turned out great! Awesome job as always by Hollie D. Photography. We squeezed back into our wedding finery and went to Crump Park to capture these images. We love Crump Park! 

Our lil princess

See the white fluff on the ground? They'd just sheared the sheep. Looked like snow!

This guy just got his hair did
Coco was more interested in the sheep than looking at the camera. Surprise!

This story must be shared...
Our original plan was to hang our rings off of the straws

for a lovely photo op. Hollie went to adjust the ring and 
Darren assured her, "Don't worry, it won't fall in."  
I disagreed.  I guess he forgot that my ring size is tiny. 2 seconds 
later, my engagement ring was in the bottom of his bottle...
which he is staring at below. Woops! 

The good news? It came out, and when it did it was cleaner than before. Woohoo!

Hollie D has talent...look at that light!

before the ring fell in...

My lovely wedding gift from my husband :)

My absolute favorite

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