Saturday, September 3, 2011's about time!

That I finally went to see Maroon 5 live that is! I've been a HUGE fan since the first time I heard "Harder to Breathe" on my way to VCU for class oh, about 10 years ago. I heard it, loved it, and I was hooked! Every time a new CD of theirs comes out I just devour it, listening to it over and over...and over. If you were to turn my car on at any given time, 90% of the time, a M5 CD will be in my CD player, and the other 10% goes to Taylor Swift. 

Anyway, I just love them. However, it seemed like each year they had a tour and came to town, I would never hear about it. Several times I even heard about them coming the day after. Ugh! So frustrating! So this year I was determined. I did my research early, bought my tickets the day of the sale, and was all set! 

So, without further ado, here are some of my concert memories with Darren down in VA Beach. First up was Gavin Degraw, then Train, then of course, my Maroon 5. I have to say Adam Levine is one tough cookie to photograph. He ran around the stage almost every second of the show, never staying still! The concert was everything I hoped it would be, amazing! 

Train's song "If it's Love" my FAVORITE song of theirs! 

Goodnight Maroon 5! Hope to see you again soon!

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