Thursday, October 6, 2011

Engagement Photos by Hollie Dyson

*Oops! The original post had the wrong engagement pics in there...that's why they looked so pixelated, so please enjoy the new and improved pics! 


If you've never checked out Hollie's work, um you need to go check it out, Ok you can check out some of it here first. But after that...go to her site! Book her! She is amazing!

We had a great time on this shoot! We started outside a library with lovely willow trees, then went to a field, then walked around Carytown for a bit, it was great!

I feel so lucky to have such a talented friend. We love you Hollie! You're amazing! We can't wait for you to photograph the big day! xo

1 comment:

Hollie said...

Ahhh. Much better. lol


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